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We love delivering business solutions through effective and tailored partnership working.

Dear employers,

How we can help you as a business?

Our dedicated team will advise employers on their options for training, qualifications, and funding. We can identify training needs and skills gaps within your workforce and recommend relevant business solutions. By helping you to ensure that your employees have the right skills to do the best job we contribute to your own business plan with a combined target of keeping you and your business ahead of the competition. If we can help – please get in touch. We love delivering business solutions through effective and tailored partnership working.


What are the benefits of hiring an apprentice?

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Government Apprenticeship Guidance

Employer's Commitment.

• The employer has a contract of service with the apprentice which is long enough to complete the apprenticeship successfully including end-point-assessment.


• The employer is paying the apprentice a lawful wage.


• The employer and the apprentice have signed an apprenticeship agreement.


• The employer will give the apprentice appropriate support and supervision.

• The employer has agreed that the apprenticeship is the most appropriate learning programme for the individual.


• The employer acknowledges that the apprentice requires at least 20% off-the-job training over the duration of the training period.


• The employer will allow the apprentice to complete their off-the-job training during working hours.  (including English and Maths if required).

Training is not only an investment in your future but it also brings with it immediate benefits for:

Improved competence, confidence and morale.

Improved customer satisfaction, service and repeat business.

Efficiency, quality and profitability.