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Residential Childcare

Develop a skilled and dynamic workforce in your residential childcare setting.

Acacia Training and Development Ltd’s apprenticeships are suitable for a variety of roles and levels. This apprenticeship journey is designed with the child care sector in mind to provide better quality care to children and families. Proudly led by our team of highly qualified tutors, assessors and team managers who are familiar with the policies and procedures for a diverse range of childcare settings.


Residential Childcare Practitioner Level 4

As a practitioner you will be working with children, young people and families, including carers, to achieve positive and sustainable change in their lives. You will demonstrate a passion to care for and about children, young people and families. You will be skilled in recognising and assessing the complex needs that children, young people and families often present. You will agree with the child, young person or family any specific interventions or referrals.


Residential Childcare Manager Level 5

As a Children, Young People and Family Manager you will ensure direction, alignment and commitment within your own practice, your team(s), your organisation and across partnerships to help children, young people and families aspire to do their best and achieve sustainable change. You will build teams, manage resources and lead new approaches to working practices that deliver improved outcomes and put the child, young person or family at the centre of practice.

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