Adult Care

We are so involved in the Care Sector - "We Really Do Care"

Our learner’s journey is designed with the care sector in mind to ensure care staff are highly trained and improve the quality of care. Proudly led by our dedicated team of experienced and passionate tutors, assessors and team managers who have worked in the care sector and are able to bring their real-life skills to the programmes.



We offer a comprehensive range of apprenticeships programme, from Level 2 (entry-level) through to Level 5 (equivalent to a foundation degree) to support those who wish to pursue a career in adult care as well as the development and career progression of existing employees.

Employers can claim money towards the cost of care staff apprenticeship programme through the Workforce Development Fund.

Need advice on apprenticeship? Are you an employer looking to launch your own apprenticeship training programme? 

Take advantage of the government incentive up to £4,000 and recruit an apprentice today.